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We specialize in four main focus areas.

Davies has worked in countless contentious arenas over the last 30 years, but we have chosen four specific focus areas on which to focus our depth of expertise: Real Estate, Energy & Environment, Mining and Crisis.


Davies Defuses Crises

We minimize damage by managing the message and the messenger - on your own team, in the media, and within government agencies. We help you avert a poor response to unexpected events by ensuring you are prepared. When a crisis does occur, we get your story out quickly and effectively, and work to frame the discussion in the direction that best complements the business.

The Davies Approach to Crisis Abatement

Selective response

Shift the focus

Manage the media

* For Immediate Crisis: Visit our emergency contact page.


Davies puts the public to work for you

We win by defining the terms of the debate and amplifying voices of public support in regulatory agency processes that are too often dominated by a vocal group of obstructionists.  From gaining unanimous approval for a wind farm while the local community had already spent $2MM opposing it, to taking a development initiative that was down by 37% when we took it on, and transforming that into a win with a 38% margin of victory, we always find a way. The Davies approach has succeeded in gaining permits for oil and gas, fly-ash disposal sites, solar and wind farms, transmission and port infrastructure, and power plants of every type.

How We Win

Set the agenda of discussion

Tell your environmental story

Dominate the public debate to win

Case Studies - Energy

Testimonials - Energy


Opponents fight mining and industrial operations based on fear

Until this fear of the unknown is addressed, the benefits of jobs, tax revenue, and economic stimulus will fall on deaf ears. We demystify complex processes and present them simply, while telling your pro-growth, environmental story. Davies has booked successes in turning the public tide to gain permits for uranium, gold, silver, copper, frack sands, and industrial mineral sites.

The equation of earning public support

Find the Motivating Story

Transform Public Perception

Dominate the Public Debate to Win

Case Studies - Mining

Testimonials - Mining

Real Estate.

Davies redefines real estate entitlement

Our unique and proprietary approach is legendary -- a reputation earned by winning approval for more than 310 developments over 30 years. We win by crafting and delivering messages that activate people to speak out and petition passionately in support of your development. At Davies, we are not satisfied until we have shifted public opinion, with citizen advocates outnumbering, and outworking opponents.

How We Help Win Entitlements

Uncover the roots of opinion

Transform public perception

Dominate the public debate to win

Case Studies - Real Estate

Testimonials - Real Estate