Smart. Inspired.

Passion combined with expertise, experience and focus creates a powerful force. Davies team members are experienced communications professionals who represent our clients with integrity, honesty, a commitment to customer service, and a fierce desire to win.  We are experts at turning complex processes into simple stories and have honed our craft through hundreds and hundreds of cases.


  • John Davies
    John Davies
    CEO, Chairman
  • Caitlin Bidwell
    Caitlin Bidwell
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Taylor Canfield
    Taylor Canfield
  • Joshua Boisvert
    Joshua Boisvert
    Executive Vice President
  • Elizabeth Castillo
    Elizabeth Castillo
  • Matt Kovacs
    Matt Kovacs
    President, Media Relations
  • Erinn Lynch
    Erinn Lynch
    Vice President, Media Relations


  • David Given
    David Given
  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph
    Senior Project Manager
  • Holly Porter
    Holly Porter
    Project Manager
  • Lindsey Mee
    Lindsey Mee
    Project Manager
  • Colleen Bertolet
    Colleen Bertolet
    Project Coordinator
  • Vivianna Szakacsy
    Vivianna Szakacsy
    Project Coordinator
  • Paola Salas
    Paola Salas
    Office Administrator